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If you want to equip your place with the best plumbing system, BRETT HORE PLUMBING PTY LTD is your go to guy.

Based in Ocean Grove, the company was founded by Brett Hore – known in the field. We have been operating for more than 32 years and today, we are a highly recommended plumbing company in the Ocean Grove region. We cater to all plumbing requirements of residential as well as commercial spaces.

No More Water Problems

Together with our team, we provide fast, reliable and personalised plumbing services for your convenience. If you want the best plumbing system for your new home. Or your old pipes are causing you trouble, don't delay to contact us at BRETT HORE PLUMBING PTY LTD. We have the experience and expertise to deliver services of unmatched standards. We will get you the most efficient and functional water system in no time at all.

We Save You From Water Trouble ...

Plumbing: We Do It Right!

Water is a basic need in all types of facilities but if you don't have an efficient plumbing system to distribute the water around the space, you better prepare yourself for some very unpleasant situations. Imagine water leaking on the kitchen floor non-stop and people walking around with wet shoes. Worse of all toilets refuse to flush. We seriously believe that you don't want to face such dire situations and our mission is to save you from them.

Plumbing At Its Best !!!

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